Deploy, monitor and backup your LAMP servers everywhere...

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Automated server deployments

Some of the highlights of FiaasCo server deployments


Get started in 15 minutes

Ansible based deployments. No complex management infrastructure required.

Focus on results

Write simple flat file based configuration to build advanced infrastructure.

Dynamic resizing

Services are tuned according to the size of your server, overrides possible.

Monitor and backup

Don't leave your servers alone in the dark: backups and monitoring included.

Better server infrastructure

Fiaas server deployments want to be simple, yet flexible and powerful. It's a great deployment system for small and rather technical web development companies that build sites that fit in one VM/server. It's provider independent. Because of the SSH based Ansible management, your server can run wherever you have SSH access. We also already included an example to create virtual servers at Digitalocean. Copy an inventory file and quickly setup development or test servers with the same configuration as production. The same can be done if you ever want to move to another hosting provider. Redeploy your production on a new server in a matter of minutes.

Some features of FiaasCo deployments

...and much more!

Ansible deployments

Flat file configuration

Deploy everywhere

LetsEncrypt built in

Tuned configurations

Flexible overrides

Inline documentation

On Github

Icinga2 monitoring

Borg backups

Support available

Built with love

Need help?

FiaasCo can provide a various amount of training and services. We can help you to get started, configure continuous deployments, provide hosted monitoring and backups or even fully manage your services.